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KBR Headhunter for Service Employees International; KBR Verification of Employment (VOE)

Verifcation of Employment (VOE) did someone ask?   Back in 2006 I hunted down this tiger and below is just the Ice breaker of what I found.


KBR chart orginal post.

Make sure you add this company to your claim or it might get thrown out!


Now why can’t contractors file for Texas Un-employement again? Here is what is out there for KBR jobs contacts.

Recruiters in Houston that specialize in jobs in Iraq?..look at the email address, is this not false advertisementSERVICE EMPLOYERS INTERNATIONAL, Inc. a foreign entity located in the Cayman Island and with an office in Dubai.Ryan
Click the link to see all of Halliburton’s Subsidaries (subsidiary – an assistant subject to the authority or control of another)

Please understand when going to sites like these: JobLinesYou never know who your applying for, you just might end up working for some foreign company who doesn’t have to abide by American Work Force Law when injured, and know that the DBA (Defense Base Act) is fought by many of the Insurer’s, don’t be fool or mislead to believe that if you are injured you are automatically covered by it.
Go and read the court cases (OALJ site)
One DBA (Defense Bast Act)Attorney sent me record of a pending case, they guy was injured on Feb.02, 2006 after almost daily battling with the Insurer, two of the injured guys doctors and 2 of the Insurer co. doctors agreeing the guy needed surgery. The insurer still fought, and denied his surgery. Finally a little over a year for the injured contractor, one suffering with not just back injuries, but loss of Bladder control finally was able to have his surgery on May 23,2007
If you read the KBR Employee’s Hand book under “Sick Leave” it kinda makes you wonder why these guys are so frustrated. 1st these guys are not fighting KBR, they work for SEII, view the documents by double clicking. I have all of this handbook in PDF files which I can’t load on the blog, but it makes you really wonder who are the American Contractors truely working for? Is this misleading or what? Many contractors state that KBR says SEII is the payroll, but until you are injured do you truely understand for whom you worked for.

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